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Rozena Brecke

Rozena attained a dual degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, earning a BA in Philosophy, a BS in Health Sciences and a minor in Biochemistry (2000). She pursued an internship at the UNR’s Medical School, and presented at Cancer Research conferences in the U.S. and abroad. In 2002, she was accepted to an MA Program in Biomedical Ethics but she did not matriculate. In 2004, searching for her purpose and passion, she opened up her own business, a tiny organic grocery store called Vegetus. In 2006, she decided that it was time to seek that Masters Degree, closed up shop, but then life happened, quite literally, and she welcomed her son, Soren into the world, instead.

In 2014, Rozena returned to University of Nevada to work at the Wolf Shop, the student-owned and operated campus store. Presently, she curates the General Books department, oversees Customer Service, manages the U.S. Passport Facility of the University, but mostly does her best to inspire and support students as they develop into ‘real’ adults.
Rozena is proud to be Battleborn, loves clean food, fancy produce, great coffee, libations, beauty, ideas, kindness and humor. When she is not reading a book in the sunshine, she is appreciating the warm sound of vinyl in her old Southwest home with the love of her life and 8-year-old son.