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Proposal Submission Process

Do you have ideas worth spreading? Interested in participating in TEDxReno? We invite you to begin your journey by completing a TEDx application (speaker proposal form). Submitting your speaker proposal form begins your journey and positions you for consideration.

*Please note: the proposal submission process for this year’s TEDx Event closes August 5, 2019.

Once you submit your TEDx Application, the TEDxReno Program Committee will review all speaker proposals and video demos. If the Program Committee reviews the speaker’s proposal favorably,  the Committee will then recommend the speaker to the Curator for inclusion in the program.

If the Curator selects the speaker from the pool of proposals based on the Program Committee’s recommendation, the Curator will contact the speaker and ask them to submit a professional profile picture and brief biography. Finally, we will post the speaker’s photo and bio to our website and begin the process of promoting the speaker as a participant in our event.

Please understand that not all proposals recommended by the Program Committee will make it to the final program selection. The TEDx application process is highly competitive and unfortunately we will not have enough slots in our program to include every speaker that submits a favorable proposal.

Submit An Application Today