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TEDx Speaker Cara Brookins Coming to This Year’s TEDx Event in Reno

You Won’t Want to Miss TEDx Speaker Cara Brookins At This Year’s TEDx Event In Reno

Prepare to be inspired when author Cara Brookins visits Reno to speak at TEDxUniversityofNevada 2018! Cara and her four children built their house from the ground up and learned how to do so by watching YouTube videos. Cara’s book on the experience, Rise: How A House Built A Family, was published in January 2017. She is now a sought after speaker and has made numerous television appearances, including The Today Show:

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Cara Brookins’ Own Words: An Excerpt From Her Website:

“Getting a loan to buy building supplies is a challenge if you’re not a contractor, and even harder when you tell the loan officer — I can totally do this by watching YouTube tutorials. I had only nine months to build or I would default on said loan. Since I was programming full time & the kids were in school, this meant 9 months with little sleep. Apparently I still found time to put on earrings (Every. Single. Day) before hitting the job site. A dangly pair I made myself. Aside from fancy jewelry, the kids and I kept our spirits up by singing along to crazy music mixes Drew made for us. And we reminded each other how amazing it was going to be to live in this amazing (mostly level) house we were building with our own hands. We were building a family, too.”

What To Expect When You Attend This Year’s TEDx Event in Reno:

We will open doors to the event at 8 am, Saturday, January 27, 2018. It’s general admission seating so if you want a front row seat make sure to arrive early. The first session starts at 9 am and feature six speakers, including Cara Brookins. That session will also feature two talks on campus free speech and a talk by Sharyl Attkisson from her book about fake news. The first session closes with a performance by newcomer Troi Irons.

We have a 20-minute break following the first session and you will be able to purchase Cara’s book Rise in our bookstore area. Cara will be around all day to sign your copy of her book and to discuss the ideas she shared in her talk. You will have additional opportunities to meet Cara and our other speakers and performers during our lunch break and the after party immediately following the final speaker of the afternoon.

TEDx Tickets: Discounts for Students and Groups are Available Now!

The general admission ticket price is $100 and includes all speakers and performers as well as lunch and a morning break. Purchase 8 or more tickets at one time and you will receive our group discount rate of $90 per ticket. Students can purchase tickets for $30 by visiting the Wolf Shop on the University of Nevada campus or by emailing Bret Simmons at

One of the best TEDx events in the country is right here in Reno! Don’t miss it – get your tickets NOW and we will see you on January 27, 2018 for a day packed with information, inspiration and entertainment.

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