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TEDx Sponsors | How Hometown Health and Renown Team Up to Make A Difference

Hometown Health and Renown are making northern Nevada a better place – Here’s Why They’re TEDx Sponsors.

“Our goal is to make this community healthier in many more ways than one: spiritually, mentally, and physically. We believe Tedx, Hometown Health, and Renown are all sharing and mirroring these messages. We all want to spark new  ideas in the community and being a part of TEDxUniveristyofNevada helps us do that.” – Jules Ackerson (Marketing Business Partner and Community Ambassador for Hometown Health).

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Renown is Reno’s only locally-governed, not-for-profit healthcare network. Today, meeting the healthcare needs of the community means much more than simply providing care within their facilities. They take their focus on health and well-being out into the communities that they serve. Renown also contribute to more than 100 local not-for-profit organizations each year and invest approximately $63.1 million annually on capital improvements — such as buildings, equipment and technology — to better serve the Reno community. Overall, Renown’s total economic impact is vast –  around $1.867 billion. They are responsible for 12,472 direct and indirect jobs.

Hometown Health was established in 1988, and it is the insurance division of Renown Health and is northern Nevada’s largest and only locally-owned, not-for-profit insurance company providing wide-ranging medical coverage and great customer service to members. They focus on the people within their community and serve more than 120,000 members.

Why Hometown Health and Renown love sponsoring TEDxUniversityofNevada

We sat down with Renown’s Marketing Business Partner and Community Ambassador, as well as TEDxUniveristyofNevada’s very own team member, Jules Ackerson. For Jules, working at Hometown Health means that she gets to connect with other TEDx sponsors and community members to create meaningful relationships with other local, not-for profit entities.  Building partnerships with local businesses who are dedicated to growing, improving and enhancing the lives of people in our community is a top priority.

Jules stated, “All of us share a vision in making our community well informed. Hometown Health and Renown Health are proud to sponsor TEDxUniversityofNevada because we believe in the TED mission of ‘big ideas worth spreading’ and the ability to make great ideas accessible and to spark conversation. We believe in listening and giving everyone a chance to share their ideas. We also believe in supporting our local TEDx event to create a safe forum for these ideas: for our students, for our speakers, for our community.”

“TEDxUniveristyofNevada is truly life changing.”

Jules explained her past experience at TEDx, stating simply that it’s, “life changing.” She went on to say that, “Every single year, one of the speakers impacts me in a way I didn’t expect. The most amazing part of the event is the energy. You can’t even begin to explain it. You have to attend to truly understand what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter what age you are – you can be six or sixty and it’s going to have an impact on you in some way.

TedxUniveristyofNevada holds a special place in Jules’ heart, and we hope it will hold a special place in yours.

Jules has been a part of TEDxUniversityofNevada team since 2014 and she appreciates all they do for the northern Nevada community. It holds a special place in her heart and is one of her favorite Reno events every year. We are thankful that Jules is a part of our team and for the support of Hometown Health and Renown not just at TEDx, but for all they do for northern Nevada.

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