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TEDxUniversityofNevada 2019: In Photos

Did you know that over 5,000 professional photos were snapped at this year’s TEDxUniversityofNevada conference? With so many wonderful photos to choose from—courtesy of our event photographers Chris Holloman and Lou Manna—picking just a few images was thoroughly difficult. In fact, with so many photos to choose from, the number of possibilities for ways to tell the day’s story are nearly infinite. But if you’ve ever wondered what attending a TEDx conference is like, or if you simply wanted to relive the experience, please read on to enjoy a full recap of the day as told through photos.

1 – Attendees from the community begin to gather in the lobby outside of the theater as they prepare to check in.

2 – Event volunteer Jennifer Nelson gears up to hand out name badges to attendees.

3 – The process of checking in some 1,700 attendees begins.

4 – Inside the theater, event curator Bret Simmons prepares the 22 speakers and performers with final reminders.

5 – JamPro Music Factory staff run through final sound, lighting, and production equipment checks.

6 – With everyone now checked in, the countdown is on for the show to begin.

7 – TEDxUniversityofnevada event emcees Kylie Pearston, Omar Ziadeh, and Brittany Silva welcome the crowd.

8 – Tech superstar Nilofer Merchant kicks off the day with her opening talk on the concept of onlyless.

9 – The University of Nevada Reno’s Michelle Rebaleati captivates on the topic of virtual reality.

10 – The “Road to TEDx” student competition winner Jenna Weiner shares a deeply personal story.

11 – Stanford Medical Center’s Dr. Tandy Aye provides information based on her experience of working with transgender youth.

12 – A captivated audience listens intently to the day’s stories.

13 – Mena Spodobalski shares an important story about working with breast cancer survivors.

14 – Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown Health, relays his vision for a healthy Nevada.

15 – Southern California-based musician Sarah Rogo enchants with her upbeat, nature-inspired tunes.

16 – Attendees enjoy snacks during the first session break.

17 – The Nevada Wolf Shop sells copies of recent best-selling books written by various event speakers.

18 – Local sponsor Custom Ink creates customized event t-shirts in real-time.

19 – Larkin Poe lights up the crowd with their heartfelt lyrics and rockin’ blues renditions.

20 – Former lead kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, Chris Voss, talks about the importance of tactical empathy.

21 – Wake Forest College psychology professor John Petrocelli educates the audience about cognitive biases, and in particular, how to spot the difference between BS and lying.

22 – Psychologist, author and entrepreneur Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic shares his latest research and insights about leadership.

23 – A view from the crowd.

24 – Mitch Prinstein, Director of Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, discusses his research findings as it pertains to the concepts of popularity and likability in a status obsessed world.

25 – Forensic meteorologist Elizabeth Austin shares what she’s learned about weather and crime, informed by her experience of having either worked on or counseled for over 1,500 cases.

26 – Audience members enjoying the talks of the day.

27- New York Times bestselling author Larry Olmstead shares what he’s learned about food while traveling the world as a journalist.

28 – Time for a quick lunch break! Attendees squeeze in some fun at all of the various displays and booths in-between grabbing some food.

29 – Everyone back in their seats and ready for Session III.

30  – Cynthia Albright, one of just 41 certified urban designers, imparts her knowledge about how we can better design our cities.

31  – Thomas Wright, currently the Felix E. Larkin Distinguished Professor in Management at Fordham University, talks about why character counts.

32 – The CEO and Founder of Unlikely Heroes, Erica Greve, divulges what she’s learned about resilience.

33 – Mark Anderson, director of Nevada Industry Excellence, asks the question: “what if everything we knew about age and innovation was wrong?”

34 – University of Nevada, Reno’s Seismological Lab Director Graham Kent provides an overview about the latest wildfire prevention technology.

35 – Olympic Gold Medalist and Reno native David Wise explains why success can only be viewed in the long term.

36 – Actress and comedian Anjelah Johnson lights up the audience with laughter.

37 – That’s a wrap! Following the conference, event attendees convene for conversation.

38 – Artist Talia Koval creates real-time speaker portraits.

39 – Event volunteers celebrate the year’s planning and raise a toast to a fabulous year!

To view all of the photos taken from this year’s event, please visit our Flickr albums.