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TEDxUniversityofNevada 2018 Call For TEDx Speakers and Proposals

TEDxUniverisityofNevada 2017 Speaker Slider 3Our call for TEDx speakers is now open and will run until June 30. We are looking for great ideas worth spreading and not necessarily great speakers. It’s critical to understand that TEDx is an idea forum rather than a speaker forum. We have a formal speaker preparation process and we can prepare anyone with a great idea to deliver an impressive TEDx talk.

Before you apply, please take a few moments to review all of our information for TEDx speakers.

The final link on that page entitled “Proposal Submission Process” will provide the link to the TEDx Speakers Proposal Form at the bottom. Please note that our proposal form will request a link to a short video of you speaking, and proposals that don’t provide a link to a video will not be considered.

Got an idea worth spreading or know someone who does? Our speaker selection process is very competitive, so apply early!