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Bill Eckstrom

Bill Eckstrom is a business owner, executive, entrepreneur, outdoorsman, Husker fan, cyclist, student, husband, and father. His primary passion can be stated in one word: Growth. More specifically how coaches, leaders, and managers impact the growth and performance of individuals and teams.

This passion ignited Bill to found the EcSell Institute, a research based organization that works with leaders in sales departments to help them understand, elevate and measure their impact on team performance. EcSell’s science and programming on the role of the leader as a coach has been changing the behaviors, activities and performance of organizational teams around the world.

Bill has been featured in industry magazines, he is a renowned keynote speaker, author of countless research based articles, e-books and whitepapers. He and an EcSell colleague are also in the final stage of publishing a book to share the company’s findings and research on the behaviors, activities and financial impact of leaders and managers on business teams.

Growth is also woven into the fabric of Bill’s philanthropic life, evidenced by his involvement in therapy dog work. He and their Labrador, Aspen, are becoming heavily involved in working with the elderly, hospital patients and anywhere the presence of Aspen’s wagging tail and soft soul brings a smile. Bill’s home is Lincoln, NE with his amazing wife Kerstin. Together they have three beautiful children, Will Jr., Claire and Maddie.