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Erica Greve

Erica Greve, MSW is the Founder and CEO of the anti-human trafficking organization, Unlikely Heroes. Erica has dedicated her life to see vulnerable children labeled ‘high-risk’ to sex-trafficking, receive protection and restoration across the world. Erica and her team have begun to raise the standards of restorative care in the Philippines, Thailand and around the world. With a master’s degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, Erica has developed effective prevention, rescue, and aftercare programs for the rehabilitation of sexually exploited children. Erica has provided years of crisis counseling therapy to victims of sexual and physical abuse through emergency units, children’s hospitals and managed care programs. Her background in social services includes clinical, practical and psychological training, successfully restoring the lives of victims of sex slavery, reducing the percentage of girls returning back to the industry. Building strategic partnerships with government and law enforcement officials, Erica is bridging the gap between social welfare programs and enforcement activities. Most recently, Erica and her team have been working on the ground in Nigeria, providing direct support to the children who escaped the Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping.