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Freedom Revival

What happens when you combine forces of Northern Nevada’s most talented young musicians? When you blend an unlikely mix of ages, personalities and talent with a musical trio of siblings? When you introduce repertoire from generations before their time? And, when they choose a name echoing the sentiment of that same era?

Freedom Revival happens.

This unique young band of musicians consists of the Ethan (13) on drums (who also plays oboe, trumpet and marimba), Madelyn (15) on lead vocals (who also plays saxophone and guitar), Jaidyn (14) on lead vocals (who also plays piano and guitar), Matt (14) on guitar (who also plays piano), Alec (14) on guitar (who also plays bass guitar), Emily (17) on electric bass and vocals (who also plays upright bass), and Matt (14) on keys (who also play viola).

They met at a local music school in 2014 where each were taking lessons and playing in student bands. It was there that siblings Emily, Madelyn & Ethan, who have enjoyed a tight musical bond since early childhood, were for the first time meeting others their age equally as passionate about music. Friendships developed and in the summer of 2015 they lobbied to form a band – Freedom Revival.
With the help of the music school, they landed their first public performance opportunity in August 2015 at Hot August Nights in downtown Reno, the largest nostalgic car show in the world. Recognizing this unique blend of youth and talent, companies like QSC Audio, Shure, Pearl and Gibson offered their support. QSC Audio loaned a speaker array system, Shure and Pearl donated equipment, and Gibson volunteered their tour bus to park behind the stage for use as a green room.

Freedom Revival performed five high-energy sets over a two-day period and were a huge hit!

On the heels of that event they were invited to headline a holiday tree lighting ceremony in late November 2015 at one of area’s largest outdoor malls. They performed to a packed crowd of over 2,000 people and ended the show with a two-song encore during the closing fireworks display.

Again, they were a huge hit!

Having now taken on a life of it’s own, the band has been invited to perform at TEDxUniversityofNevada 2016 at the Pioneer Center in Reno, NV. This will mark their 3rd major public performance and the one they are most excited about!