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Gino Dante Borges

Raised on a California dairy farm, Gino was the first in his family to go to college—where he had to prove himself after drifting a bit in high school. He thought college was the answer because he didn’t know what else to do. He studied finance hoping it would be as much fun as making money trading baseball cards.

Gino enjoyed college, enough to go on for a Ph. D in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric at Purdue University. He began graduate school with an interest in money; he finished with an interest in humanity. Gino was the only graduate in his class who found professorship too heady, so he went out on his own and wrote a book about headiness called Binge Thinking.

Then the backcountry introduced itself to Gino, inspiring him to do solo quests in the Nevada desert. At the same time, Gino’s family needed somebody to operate business affairs, so Gino dove back into numbers and dollars while managing commercial real estate investments and farm properties.

After his father passed away, Gino moved back to his family’s ranch in Northern Nevada out of duty and to add value to the place that had provided him with so much. As Founder and Curator of the Borges Ranch Project, Gino connected with the ecology of his surroundings, learned how to grow organic food, tended to the wild, and created a land-based hub that inspires people to connect with place, practice conservation, embrace local foods, witness wildlife and build community.

Building on the importance of place and building community he learned while working on the Borges Ranch Project, Gino now serves as a Principal and Director of Impact at OpenPath Investments. OpenPath is a social impact real estate company that transforms ordinary apartment spaces into thriving communities. Open Path’s Urban Village program enhances the social and economic outlook of residents by increasing camaraderie, cultivating higher trust, building stronger networks, and encouraging the exchange of community resources. Through increased access to free classes, leadership opportunities and group decision-making, residents achieve greater knowledge, increased confidence, and personal growth. OpenPath owns over 2200 apartment units and has a portfolio value of ~ $225M.

Simply put, Gino is drawn by the shared values of responsible wealth and stewardship, authentic community, healing and learning, and honoring the interconnectedness of all life. To think and live by these values as a connective life force makes him feel at home.