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Jamie Amelio

While vacationing in Cambodia in 2003, Texas-native Jamie Amelio expected to be wowed by the temples of Angkor Wat.  Instead, it was a little girl asking for a dollar who would change her life.

Jamie asked the girl what she would do with the money and she said it was to pay for school. In disbelief that a country this poor would require students to pay to go to school, she went to see the school. A life changing moment, dirt floors and kids waiting for a teacher that never came. That was not ok.   Within weeks of returning to Singapore, Jamie had established Caring for Cambodia, which now supports 6400 students in 24 government schools in Siem Reap.  With  over 3500 supporters worldwide, CFC provides the students with well-equipped classrooms and local CFC-trained teachers, hot meals, uniforms, basic health and hygiene care — and often a bicycle.

Jamie is no stranger to helping children.  In addition to her own six ranging in age from 8-25, in Los Angeles she served on the Board of Directors of Vistas for Children, and founded Junior Vistas for Children.  In 2005, 2010 and 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Golden Hand Service Award by the Cambodian government.  She was also named the 2010 Classic Woman of the Year by Traditional Home Magazine. Her latest accomplishment is as an author. Graced With Orange: How Caring For Cambodia Changed Lives, Including My Own, was published in June of 2013.

After living in Asia for ten years, Jamie and her family now live in Austin, Texas.  She can be reached at