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Jonah Yoelin

Jonah Yoelin was born in Gresham, Oregon in 1999, and moved to Nevada in 2005. Growing up, he was heavily immersed in the arts. As a painter, jazz guitarist, and actor, Jonah has enjoyed art his entire life, but has also been fascinated with business and entrepreneurship. This led to his choice to attend the University of Nevada, Reno to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. He hopes to use the skills he’s learned in business school to bring a new essence of collaboration to the worlds of art and business.

Jonah believes that art and business are much closer related than most people often assume. Through his work on stage, especially in improv, he looks forward to sharing his thoughts and inspire others to use their creativity to its fullest potential, regardless of the stage they step onto each day.