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Marc Roberge

Marc Roberge is a songwriter/producer and lead vocalist for the American rock band O.A.R.

What began as a group of childhood friends making songs in the drummer’s basement after school, O.A.R. became widely accepted as one of the most successful independent bands of all-time.

With 13 albums, a string of Madison Square Garden sellouts, USO trips to Iraq and Kuwait, millions of albums sold, and shows around the world, Roberge and O.A.R. continue to cover new ground creatively.

Their 2014 release The Rockville LP followed the band back home to Rockville, Maryland, where it all began, a journey that was triggered by the writing of their hit song, “Peace”. 

In 2016, O.A.R. released XX, a celebration of their first 20 years in music.

The 24 track collection of studio hits and favorite live performances also includes brand new material lead by the hit single

“I Go Through”.  The single’s creation and production was captured in real time as part of the wildly popular docu-series “Evolution of a Song.”

O.A.R. will be touring the U.S. in 2017.