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Mena Spodobalski

I realized one day that I had a choice: continue the upwards weight climb I was experiencing after my second child, or become healthy and fit for myself and my family. I chose to get myself into shape, and as I continually put forth the effort, the acknowledgement from others and the results I was getting proved additionally motivating. It didn’t take long for me to become hooked on fitness, as my achievements in the field began to expand, first starting as a kick-boxing instructor then getting My Personal Trainer¬†certification, and now owning my own training facility. To me, fitness is not just my job, it’s my passion.

One of my greatest joys is to experience first hand someone’s life changing and helping them to find their confidence and their mental well being through fitness. I don’t allow a client to tell me they can’t do it– there are always ways and modifications that can help you to push to the next level. Whether you are an athlete, new to fitness or wanting to challenge yourself in new ways, I want to help make that happen.

I feel the key to all success stories is consistency and pushing beyond what people feel their capabilities are. I have been there, I have had the struggles that present themselves daily to us as business women, as mothers, as wives. I know it can be done. There is no excuse that can’t be overcome. Although I am forthcoming that it won’t be an easy road, to achieve results, I insist that you treat exercising like brushing your teeth, part of your everyday life. If you want it badly enough, your diligence will pay off!

Professional Accomplishments

  • 2008-2009: CIM MRI Marathon relay team 2008 1st place, 2009 2nd place team
  • 2009: Big Sur 2nd place women’s, Rock and Roll San Diego Relay marathon 3rd place
  • 2010-2012: Reno Tahoe Odyssey MRI team runner
  • 2013 Figure Competitor, 1st place Open Figure Nevada State Show
  • 2013 2nd Place 35+ Figure Nevada State Show
  • 2013 2nd place Masters 35 Tahoe Show
  • 2014 1st place Open Figure, 1st place 35+ and 45+ Masters figure
  • 2014 1st place Open Figure D, masters 35+ and Master 45+ Tahoe Show
  • 2015 Cofounded Breast Cancer 2 Bikini (BC2B)
  • 2016 Triumphant Awards Health and Fitness, Girls Scouts of Nevada
  • 2017 Lululemon Ambassador
  • 2017 3rd place NPC West Coast Classic
  • 2017 1st place Figure Open D The Tahoe Show
  • 2017 2nd Master Figure 45+ The Tahoe Show
  • 2017 3rd place 45+ Masters Figure, 4th place 35+ Masters figure and Open Figure D Contra Costa Championships
  • 2017 Nominated as RGJ Citizen of the Year for BC2B work
  • 2018 NNBW ¬†20 top Sierra Nevada Powerful Women