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Mike Meinhardt

From marketing consumer packaged beverages with Coca-Cola and Molson to promoting professional sports with the National Football League, Mike Meinhardt has spent his 20-year career developing inventive programs that drive increased consumer traffic, retail volume and revenue for the companies he serves.

In recent years, Mike brought his marketing expertise to local growers at RedHat Co-operative and introduced a number of innovative programs aimed at raising the profile of local fresh produce while tackling the complex issue of food waste.  In this business, it is common practice for growers to dispose of healthy produce that doesn’t meet the high visual standards of consumers, even while grocery prices continue to rise.  This is a real and emergent issue for growers, consumers and the environment.

Now, imagine a world where affordable fresh fruit and vegetables are available to families across North America, where local growers have the opportunity to sell their entire crop regardless of slight imperfections, and where billions of pounds of organic materials are diverted from our landfills. Introducing, The Misfits – Rise of the Rejects!