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Nicole Hockley

After the tragic death of her son Dylan, who was one of 20 first-graders killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Nicole dedicated herself to working for change so that other families might be spared the pain of losing a loved one to gun violence. That commitment led her to Sandy Hook Promise, where she oversees the organization’s communications and outreach efforts, frequently serving as a spokesperson for SHP. An eloquent writer and public speaker, Nicole has become an important advocate for the need to turn tragedy into transformation through love. She is focused on bringing people together in honest dialogue and searching for innovative solutions in the areas of mental health, school safety, community building and gun responsibility.

A Rhode Island native, Nicole has an extensive background in strategic, results-focused marketing and communications for companies in the US and in the UK, where she lived for eighteen years with her British husband Ian and their two sons before returning to the US in 2011. Prior to joining SHP, she spent two years as a full-time mom, getting her family settled into their new home in Sandy Hook and making sure that Dylan, who had autism, received the care and attention that was helping him successfully integrate into his classroom before the shooting that claimed his life.

Until the tragedy of December 14, Nicole and her family lived in a house directly across the street from the shooter’s. While the Hockleys have since moved, Nicole and her husband chose to remain in Newtown with their older son, who also attends Sandy Hook Elementary and was at school the day of the shooting.