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Robb Smith

Robb Smith is a social entrepreneur who works on “transformational era” systems at the intersection of human development, spiritual understanding and civilizational sustainability. At 21 he developed a plan to build Nevada’s innovation economy and went on to start Nevada Ventures, the state’s first venture capital fund, whose portfolio companies brought nearly $200 million into the state. He then co-founded the Reno-Tahoe chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization and served as its president for two years. He later established the Nevada Ventures Nanoscience Program at the University of Nevada, which was recognized by Scientific American for producing the world’s most significant biodefense technology in 2004. He served as co-founder or director of RetailOne, Integral Life, NNTS and Alere, which became Nevada’s fastest-growing company and is now the largest population health company in the United States (NYSE: ALR). In 2006 he joined Ken Wilber to become CEO of Integral Institute and co-founder of Integral LIfe, where he helped foster the global integral movement and metadisciplinary work including the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice and annual events including Integral Spiritual Experience andWhatNEXT. In 2007 he was a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, dedicated to transforming capitalism into a vehicle for greater love and trust worldwide. In 2010 he co-founded Chrysallis to enable anyone in the world to be supported to make the changes they want in real-time using digital networks. He is a past Trustee of the Nevada Museum of Art and incoming Trustee of Desert Research Institute. He has been named Nevada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for the 2012 TED Prize.