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Sherry McConkey

An avid world traveler, Sherry McConkey was born in Ireland, raised in South Africa, and began her global journey in 1989. After traveling through Europe and Canada, she landed in Lake Tahoe, CA, which she still calls home.

A passion for the outdoors connected Sherry to legendary free ski pioneer Shane McConkey. The two were married in Thailand in 2004 and their greatest creation, Ayla, came along in 2005. Shane passed away in 2009.

Through both her life with Shane, and his death, Sherry has come to believe that with desire, passion, and a goal, anything is possible. Despite the grief after losing him, Sherry knew she wanted to carry on Shane’s legacy. She turned moments of sadness into inspiration and used the power of positivity to build The Shane McConkey Foundation, and Executive Produce the movie, McConkey. Sherry continues to find ways to celebrate Shane’s life and pay appropriately fun and hilarious tribute to the talented, goofball, innovative man who inspired thousands to think outside the box and follow their dreams.
As a yoga instructor and the Executive Director of The Shane McConkey Foundation Sherry continues to travel the world with Ayla, and inspire people with her and Shane’s belief that “You have one life, live it. You have one world, protect it.