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The Warning

The Warning are three young sisters from Mexico trying to win a place in the world of Rock music.

At TEDxUniversityofNevada 2016, they performed and spoke about the initiation of their passion for music. The video of their performance is the most viewed from that event.

They started playing music at a very young age, inspired by the video game Rock Band, and now they are creating their own music. They are still developing their musical knowledge, studying and practicing every day. Despite all the difficulties on their way they have managed to independently record their first full album without signing with any label. Their fans helped them raise the money they needed to produce their album via They hope to inspire other young musicians not to sacrifice the essence of their true sound just to become part of the music business.

Their music themes are based on their visión of an actual 21st century society, on the need to be heard on what´s absorbing youth these days, and to step-by-step leave a better world. During 2015 and 2016  they played concerts in venues like the House of Blues, the SXSW festival and the Hard Rock Café. They continue to be inspired to write more and more songs to share their passion for what they do.

Look for their first full album soon!