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Tim Snider

Unbridled energy, intensity, and musical eclecticism! Tim Snider plays and loops the electric violin, guitar, cajon, and vocals creating aural landscapes that are forceful, confessional, and raw. Coming from Reno, Nevada, Tim picked up the violin when he was just three years old. Over the years, exposure to rock music, songwriters, like Ben Harper and Paul Simon, inspired him to play the guitar. His sojourns in Spain and Cuba introduced flamenco, salsa, and Afro-Cuban rhythms into his repertoire. His music can be described as a world-folk-rock hybrid that is aimed at the heart, the brain, and the feet.

For most of us drawn to music, it’s an inexplicable force. For Tim, it was a cosmic force. When he was two months old, his grandmother, nearing her last days, held him in her arms and proclaimed, “Finally, this will be my violinist.” She had inherited her love of violin from her father, Theodore Post, who had studied violin at Julliard and Harvard and helped found the music department at University of Nevada Reno (UNR). Since none of her children took to violin, she knew a grandchild would. She was right. A three-year old Tim, mesmerized by a performance by Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street, begged his mother right there and then for violin lessons.

A young Tim played classical violin through elementary school, barely putting down the instrument and earning honors such as concertmaster of the Reno Junior Philharmonic at age 10. But a young Tim was also burned out, so decided to take a break from violin – which led him to pick up the guitar. He explored classic rock, blues, folk, funk, metal and grunge, playing in rock bands through high school. It wasn’t until he met a Latin guitar player from El Salvador that he was inspired to pick the violin back up. Tim and Milton Merlos explored flamenco, Cuban salsa, and West African music, finally deciding to head to Spain to study flamenco guitar. The two spent what little funds they had on music lessons rather than on things like shower curtains, dishes or heat. After half a year of study and European backpacking, they returned to the US in 2003, where Tim enrolled at UNR and started Sol’Jibe, a group that blended American roots, world beat, and Latin rhythms into an inspired sound dubbed “World Rock.”

Sol’Jibe was named Reno’s Best Local Band four years in a row and sold out ticketed shows as big as 800 people. In 2005, the band traveled to Cuba to study at the National School of Music in Havana and toured through Central America. Their deep skill and dynamic sound led them to supporting artists such as Michael Franti, Robert Randolph, and Steel Pulse, while independently playing over 200 festivals and shows a year across the US, Mexico, Canada and Cuba.

Today, Tim lives in Portland, OR where he often plays a solo show that uses live loops to layer his stylistic violin, guitar, percussion and vocals to create a textured, inspiring experience. He also plays with a variety of musicians and bands like, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Max Ribner Band, Amber Rubarth, House of Waters, Jelly Bread, Cody Beebe and the Crooks, Blake Noble, Chris Lay, and many more. In 2010, he released his first solo EP, “The Delmar Sessions”, on which he played all the instruments and produced himself. This year he just released his new record, “Let Go, Jump in the River” and is currently touring to support it. With over 25 years of experience Tim is just getting started!